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Tips To Consider Before You Buy A Home

November 9th, 2015 By James Soletti in Blog.

Buying a home is a big decision you make only a handful of times in your life.  The three key things to remember are location, location, location.  So choosing the right neighborhood requires some research before you choose. Below are several things to consider:

Safety First!

Your safety should always be a top priority!  While no area is completely safe, some areas provide better protection and have less crime than others.  Knowing which areas are low and high risk can save you a lot of angst and help keep your family relatively safe and secure.  Going to the local police station to ask about the crime rate in the area and visiting neighborhoods during different times of the day and night can give you a reasonable picture of the safety level in that area.   You may also want to ask neighbors you see walking or outside in their yard in the neighborhood about how they feel living there.

Pay Attention to Other Homes

When choosing a new place to settle down, you should always pay attention to the houses around the one you are considering.  If there are several empty homes on the street or in the subdivision, it might be a good idea to go door-to-door and ask current homeowners why there are so many vacancies.  If possible you don’t want any surprises.  If there are undeveloped lots around your dream home, see what you can find out about any future plans with that land.  It would be terrible to buy a house only to see that a shopping center or apartment complex built in front of your eyes after you purchase the property. Do your homework and find out as much as you can.  In upscale residential areas it is hard to imagine something like this occurring, but it can and does happen.  When your money is at stake, leave nothing to chance.

Schools and Education

Buyers with children want to live in areas with decent schools.  Homes in good school districts are typically sought after which helps keep home prices stable.  A few of the things you may want to consider when comparing neighborhood schools are:

  • School Rating – On our Home Page, click on Area Info tab and select School Information from the drop down menu .  Click on Austin School Search for information about teacher-to-student ratios by school.  You can also find the web sites for the Austin, Eanes, Hays and Lake Travis ISD where you can find data about the district test scores, bus routes, special/gifted programs, family/student aid and any bi-lingual support.

Do your homework and consider all the features that are important to you.  Once you know which schools you want your kids to attend, you can narrow your home search and with the help of an experienced Realtor find a home you can afford in the neighborhood you want to live in.

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